Dizzy E​.​P.

by Suzanne Savage

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Sincerest thanks to the Northern Ireland Arts Council for supporting this project through SIAP.


released June 9, 2011

Suzanne Savage - Vocals, Violin, Guitars
Dan Bodwell - Double Bass
Dominic Mullan - Drums
Johnny Taylor - Piano, Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer
Hugo Smit - Cello
Stace Gill - Design
Geoffry Arnoldy - Photography
Christine Passemard - Photography
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Holger Stenschke
Produced by Holger Stenschke and Suzanne Savage



all rights reserved


Suzanne Savage Belfast, UK

Belfast born and bred, Suzanne's music has a bit of everything from classical to Jazz to rock. Have a listen, and visit her official webpage for the latest dates, blog entries and more.


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Track Name: Damage
Oh my God, I've done it wrong
They told me to bite my tongue
They told me to go inside
They told me, they told me dry your eyes

What have I done, what have I done?
When the damage is done, where do you run?

All these things that go unseen
blunt your edges make you King
Lock the door and turn the key
Never never look to see

When you're next in line, when your back's to the wall
Do you stand up and be counted? Will you bend too fall?
See take what's coming, 'cos coming yes it is
See...step out of the shadows, choose a consequence

Never asking questions, take your life as it is
Making everything from nothing
Make a hypocrite see

Oh my god, I've done it wrong
Never learn to play along
Track Name: Dizzy
Now that the lesson's over, would you mind if I leave?
Your words nestled around me; they linger close to my skin
Yeah this is all you can see, but you might find something more
Fall back and notice me, where your light shines, shadows fall

How can I love you?
You toy, then you smile all confused
How can I hold you?
You leave me dizzy and bruised

Baby I'm not your anchor, your raft over confusion
Baby it's fear you hide, yeah fear of just being human

How can I hold you?
I flicker close to your flame
How can I love you?
There's no-one else I could blame

No-one else...
Track Name: Quiet Room
Here in this quiet night we shine - you and I
Here in this afterglow, words don't speak anymore

'Cos oh, as the light is changing now
Though each turn we could move on
See you're still here deep in the heart of me
But I have to go

'Cos I don't wanna wait forever, no no
I just want my moment in the sun
So...lock the door to your heart, but leave the key
Oh, for when I'm ready

'Cos once in a lifetime, something sticks
And I'll come back, yeah I'll come back
So...lock the door to your heart, but leave the key
Oh, for when I'm ready